Kiki De Montparnasse X Love is Art

$89 USD

The KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE X LOVE IS ART collaboration canvases pair the worlds of romance and creativity for the perfect passion-filled night-in activity between lovers. Together, two lovers can intertwine on a canvas covered in a specially formulated paint to create an original abstract image. KIKIDM collaborated with LOVE IS ART to create two exclusive canvases featuring our most popular kiki-isms as optional decals that can appear in your final creation.

The Black / 'Fucking Beautiful' canvas kit includes: 

"Do not disturb. Painting in progress" door hanger
9ft x 12ft plastic drop cloth; to protect surfaces from paint splatters
4.5ft x 3.5ft treated BLACK cotton canvas with a masking decal that reads 'Fucking Beautiful'.

Optional 'Fucking Beautiful' decal will be removed after your painting has fully dried.
4oz bottle of specially formulated red organic, non-toxic paint
4oz bottle of specially formulated blush organic, non-toxic paint
4oz bottle of specially formulated white organic, non-toxic paint
Two pairs of black throw-away slippers
Soft mesh body scrubber

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