no racism

KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE has always strived to be a brand of inclusivity where all women, and especially women of color are given an opportunity to express themselves and feel liberated in their exploration of sensuality and intimacy. We will continue to use our platform to celebrate and champion diversity in front of the camera and behind the lens.

The world of KIKI is one where there is an open dialogue about how and why we must empower women and that is why we are urging you to turn your attention to these grassroots organizations committed to justice and the empowerment of Black women and girls. As we continue our support of The Loveland Foundation we ask that you donate to these organizations and take the time to educate yourself so we can all work towards change. Love is the message.

The Loveland Foundation – 
Essie Justice Group –
A Long Walk Home –
Black Girls Rock –
Black Girl Magik –
Girls For a Change  –
Gyrl Wonder –
Pretty Brown Girl –
Sister Song –